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DOOSAN DL350 Wheel Loader

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DOOSAN DL350 Wheel Loader

DOOSAN DL350 Wheel Loader

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Perfect integrations of power and intelligence. When exceptional power is combined with the very best workmanship, this wheel loader reaches the peak of its performance. The DL350 loader gives you outstanding productivity, the impressive digging power allows the hardest materials to be tackled, high tractive power enable easy penetration.


A perfect workspace has been created for you. The work rate of the wheel loader is directly linked to the performance of its operator. DOOSAN designed the DL350 by putting the operator at the centre of their development goals. More space, better visibility, air conditioning, a very comfortable seat, sufficient storage space... All these elements ensure that the operator can work for hours in excellent conditions.


Short, simple maintenance operations at long intervals increase the availability of the equipment on site. DOOSAN has developed the DL350 with a view to high profitability for its user. Each design of part guarantees optimum reliability and reduced maintenance costs.


Because the operator knows that the DOOSAN loader is a tough, reliable, product with large power reserves, it can be relied on to work for long periods. For DOOSAN, reliability means above all durability, availability, accessibility and simplicity.
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