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SDLG Wheel Loader

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SDLGLG978Wheel Loader

1. SDLG LG978 Wheel Loader

·As a kind of wheel loaders of large tonnage, LG978 loader is developed by Shangdong Lingong on the basis of absorbing and learning advanced technologies in same industry products at home and abroad. ·It is equipped with low-speed, high t……

SDLGLG968VWheel Loader

2. SDLG LG968V Wheel Loader

Used steyr diesel engine, high power, toque reserve, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance. Equip two air filter, fit the dust working condition, the improved fan, water tank fit this environment condition of seaside, hot, h……

SDLGLG956VWheel Loader

3. SDLG LG956V Wheel Loader

The new generation drive system for LG956V wheel loader jointly developed with Volvo has started since the beginning of 2007. prototype machine developed for 2years is conducted the all-round checking calculation by European experts in driv……

SDLGLG956LWheel Loader

4. SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader

Under the working conditions of loading marble, the fuel consumption is reduced by 8.78%, and overall operating efficiency gains by 11.47%, thus an annual fuel consumption saving will be more than 39,500 RMB.·Super traction power Improve t……

SDLGLG953NWheel Loader

5. SDLG LG953N Wheel Loader

Item Specifications Bucket capacity 2.8m³ Front wheel weight distribution 5000kg Maximum breakout force ≥185kN Maximum grade ability 29° Max. disc……

SDLGLG953LWheel Loader

6. SDLG LG953L Wheel Loader

Under the working conditions of loading building stone, the fuel consumption is reduced by 9.36%, and operating efficiency gains by 8.15%, thus an average annual fuel consumption saving will be more than 42,000 RMB.·Strong working capabili……

SDLGLG953Wheel Loader

7. SDLG LG953 Wheel Loader

Weichai Steyr diesel engine offers great power and torque reserve and has lower fuel consumption and less noise. The engine has relable performance and is equipped with the standard 2-stage air filter adaptable to the more dusted work sites……

SDLGLG952LWheel Loader

8. SDLG LG952L Wheel Loader

Item Specifications Rated bucket capacity 2.7m3 Front wheel weigh distribution 5000kg Maximum tractive force ≥160.0kN Tipping load ≥90.0kN Maximum……

SDLGLG952HWheel Loader

9. SDLG LG952H Wheel Loader

Shandong Lingong LG952H is a product integrating main characteristics of the compound LG953 (catering to various working conditions) and LG952 (wheeled loading shovel), hence, its performance has been optimized and improved; meanwhile, Shan……

SDLGLG952Wheel Loader

10. SDLG LG952 Wheel Loader

With perfect tradition of solidity and credibility,amalgamation of European style,more than 30 years experience and praise from millions of users,Shanddong Lingong designs the new model for the market.LG952 is the 3rd wheel loader generatio……

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ID Product Area Time
1969 SDLG LG936L Wheel Loader Bangladesh 2017-10-24 00:19
1918 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader United_Arab_Emirates 2017-06-28 18:41
1917 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader United_Arab_Emirates 2017-06-28 18:41
1916 SDLG LG968V Wheel Loader United_Arab_Emirates 2017-06-28 18:35
1847 SDLG LG916 Wheel Loader India 2017-03-21 21:56
1834 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader Philippines 2017-03-12 18:15
1529 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader Kenya 2016-11-03 14:45
1498 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader Philippines 2016-10-03 15:34
1412 SDLG LG956L Wheel Loader Philippines 2016-08-10 09:46
1274 SDLG LG953N Wheel Loader India 2016-04-14 13:59

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