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Yutong Wheel Loader

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Yutong931AWheel Loader

1. Yutong 931A Wheel Loader

1. It is equipped with following devices: Yuchai GB Ⅱengine; single-stage single-phase torque converter; countershaft transmission; Fengshen tire; Yutong special axle. The hydraulic pipeline adopted by the hydraulic system adopts German D……

Yutong936HWheel Loader

2. Yutong 936H Wheel Loader

The vehicle is the type that obtained national patent for design (patent no. ZL200630301778.2) and is favoured by lots of users. It is equipped with an overall luxury internal trimmed cab and controlling components that in accordance with h……

Yutong956HWheel Loader

3. Yutong 956H Wheel Loader

1. The complete machine has a rational arrangement, compact structure, and beautiful and decent appearance.2. The optimally designed operating device facilitates the hoisting capacity, dig up force, unloading height, unloading distance, and……

Yutong988HWheel Loader

4. Yutong 988H Wheel Loader

The Weichai Steyr supercharger diesel engine is equipped, with high reliability, good power performance, high power reserve, low fuel consumption and electric shutdown, and furthermore, the new-type composite primary filter is fitted to pre……

Yutong966HWheel Loader

5. Yutong 966H Wheel Loader

1. Power transmission systemShangchai SC11CB255G2B1(C6ZG60e)in-line 6-cylinder and 4-stroke water-cooled and direct-injection supercharged diesel engine with good performance in this industry and with a rated power of 187kW(220PS)and maximu……

Yutong952AWheel Loader

6. Yutong 952A Wheel Loader

1、Reasonable layout , compact structure, beautiful and generous appearance .2、Optimized design of work attachment.the capacity of the machine, breakout force, discharge height, discharge distance and three-items time , all is reached or……

ID Product Area Time
1333 Yutong 936H Wheel Loader Ghana 2016-05-27 23:15
1195 Yutong 931A Wheel Loader United_States 2016-01-28 02:02
869 Yutong 956H Wheel Loader Czech_Republic 2015-01-29 22:46
868 Yutong 956H Wheel Loader Czech_Republic 2015-01-29 17:35
867 Yutong 956H Wheel Loader Czech_Republic 2015-01-29 17:32
581 Yutong 936H Wheel Loader Iran 2014-02-18 22:57

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