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Inquiry About DOOSAN DL200A Wheel Loader
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Inquire About DOOSAN DL200A Wheel Loader



Please send me your price with catalog for the following equipts. 1. Payloader 2. Backhoe excavator 3. Road Roller 4. Motor Road Grader 5. Trailer dumptruck

Product Infomation

DOOSAN DL200A Wheel Loader

DOOSAN DL200A Wheel Loader

ITEMSVALUESUNIT OPERATING WEIGHT(STD)10,950 / (OPT)11,175㎏ENGINE RATED POWER (Gross)162(121)/2100kW/rpmEngine MAX. TORQUE (Gross)65/1400㎚/rpmTRAVEL SPEED FORWARD (1/2/3/4)7.5/12.5/21/36㎞/hTRAVEL SPEED REVERSE (1/2/3)7.5……

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