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Sunward SWE Series-SWE90UB Wheel Excavators

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Sunward SWE Series-SWE90UB Wheel Excavators

Sunward SWE Series-SWE90UB Wheel Excavators

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Zero tail urban type
·Reliable hydraulic system
·Rexroth LUDV close center hydraulic system is used for SWE85. The system features are as following:
* Making full use of engine power to lower energy consumption.
* Improvement of controllability and controlling performance of the machine.


·Unique Bending Boom
Unique bending boom enables the machine much wider application in ditch celaning、basement & cliff projects.

Main Parameters
Operating weight:rubber track / steel track 8160 / 8250 (kg)
Standard bucket capacity 0.28m3
Bucket digging force 47.7kN
Travelling speed 5.23 / 2.67 (km/h)
Max. gradeability 35°
Swing speed 11.2rpm
Type 4-cylinder, 4 stroke, water-cooled
Max. power/rpm 43.4kw / 2200rpm
Displacement 3.32L
Fuel tank 110L
Type Rexroth
Main pump 1 Variable pump
Max. pump flow 160L/min
Max. operating pressure 28Mpa
Hydraulic oil tank 80L
Working parameters
A. Max. digging height 7021mm
B. Max. dumping height 4985mm
C. Max. digging depth 3886mm
D. Max. vertical digging depth 3270mm
E. Max. digging radius 6406mm
F. Max. reaching level at ground 6234mm
G. Max. llifting height of blade 412mm
H. Max. digging depth of blade 280mm
R. Min. swing radius 1982mm
Width & height of blade 2320 x 431 (mm)
A. Track base 2335mm
B. Crawler length 2918mm
C. Ground clearance of platform 754mm
D. Tail swing radius 1295mm
E. Chassis width 2320mm
F. Standard width of crawler 450mm
G. Min. ground clearance 344mm
H. Max. ground clearance of crawler 650mm
I. Overall length 5936mm
J. Overall height 2678mm
K. Overall width 2320mm
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