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Lishide Crawler Excavator

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LishideSC760.8Crawler Excavator

1. Lishide SC760.8 Crawler Excavator

High power engineIt adopts originally imported Cummins engine, turbocharger and air-air intercooler, featuring strong power, low noise and low impact, and excellent fuel economy. The rated power is 354KW.Hydraulic systemIt adopts negative f……

LishideSC450.8Crawler Excavator

2. Lishide SC450.8 Crawler Excavator

Lishide SC450.8 hydraulic excavator is independently developed and manufactured, and the success of the 45 ton large tonnage excavator marks that Lishide has mature technologies in developing large tonnage excavators. As there is few manufa……

LishideSC70.8Crawler Excavator

3. Lishide SC70.8 Crawler Excavator

The 7t excavator adopts Cummins engine as the standard configuration. In recent years, the sales volume of mini excavator accounts for over 30% of the market share. Lishide has developed excavators applicable to urban road construction, agr……

LishideSC200.8Crawler Excavator

4. Lishide SC200.8 Crawler Excavator

Lishide SC200.8H excavator adopts internationally advanced engine and hydraulic system and achieves the optimal balance of high capability and low fuel consumption. Strong power and quick movement bring excellent efficiency. Reasonable mach……

LishideSC210.8HExcavatorCrawler Excavator

5. Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator

SC210.8H adopts world-class power system and hydraulic system, featuring convenient operation and maintenance, low fuel consumption, and low noise. The optimal configuration and excellent design achieve perfect match of stability and work e……

LishideSC330.8Crawler Excavator

6. Lishide SC330.8 Crawler Excavator

SC330.8 long reach excavator is upgraded and rebuilt from the original model while keeping its stability. Its bucket capacity is 0.6m3, and the work device is 18m long, which greatly extends the excavating range. It is a breakthrough of exc……

LishideSC360.8Large Excavator

7. Lishide SC360.8 Large Excavator

SC360.8 excavator features higher performance, higher efficiency, super power and larger bucket capacity. The engine power is the largest for the same kind of excavator, and the excavator features higher reliability, lower fuel consumption ……

LishideSC330.8Large Excavator

8. Lishide SC330.8 Large Excavator

Based on the market research, 33-ton excavator is independently developed by Lishide with the technology advantages. Featuring excellent economy, comfortability, safety and reliability, the excavator adopts Cummins engine, which is 260 powe……

LishideSC450.8Large Excavator

9. Lishide SC450.8 Large Excavator

After the successful development of 36 ton excavator, SC450.8 hydraulic excavator has been developed and manufactured by Lishide, which signs that Lishide acquires the mature technology to develop large excavator and becomes one of several ……

LishideSC230.8Medium Excavator

10. Lishide SC230.8 Medium Excavator

Model Unit SC230.8 Weight (T) 22.6 Bucket capacity (m3) 0.8-1.2 Engine model CUMMINS 6BTAAB5.9 Power (kw/r/min) 133/2000 Fue……

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ID Product Area Time
3447 Lishide SC330.8 Crawler Excavator Bolivia 2022-11-16 06:53
3359 Lishide SC330.8 Crawler Excavator Zambia 2022-08-29 11:11
3358 Lishide SC330.8 Crawler Excavator Zambia 2022-08-29 11:11
3351 Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator Colombia 2022-08-16 09:42
3350 Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator Colombia 2022-08-16 09:42
3349 Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator Colombia 2022-08-16 09:42
3348 Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator Colombia 2022-08-16 09:42
3347 Lishide SC210.8HExcavator Crawler Excavator Colombia 2022-08-16 09:42
3088 Lishide SC450.8 Crawler Excavator Germany 2022-03-21 21:41
3026 Lishide SC450.8 Crawler Excavator Uzbekistan 2022-01-20 20:02

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