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About Lishide

Shandong Lishide Machinery Co., Ltd.

Lishide Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional hydraulic excavator manufacturing base that integrates the business of product design, development, manufacturing and market exploration with an annual output of 5,000 units.

The company is a joint venture established on March 1, 2004 with an area of 110,000m2. The company has a mature system on production, testing, and measuring. We have over 20 sets of major production and inspection equipments. Among which, the production equipment includes advanced 80m and 50m vehicle assembly line, crawler frame turnover machine, automatic filling machine, and etc.; and the testing and inspection equipment includes supersonic flaw detector, magnetic powder flaw detector, wind detector, measuring devices for engine speed and the accumulator in the hydraulic system, and etc.

The registered trademark of our products is "Lishide". Lishide independently developed over 30 models of hydraulic crawler excavators which are categorized as nine series such as SC450.7, SC360.7, SC330.7, SC270.8, SC230.8, SC220.8, SC210.8, SC200.8, SC160.8, SC130.7, SC80.8 and SC70.7. Our products adopts advanced driveline and hydraulic control technology and the key parts are all imported from abroad, such as engine, cylinder, pump, valve, and electrical components; The company got the Quality Standard System Certification successfully in 2006; The company got the CE certification to enter the EU market, and the certification to enter Russian market in 2007. With long period of optimization design and improvement, the performance index of our products has achieved advanced international level among the same products in the industry.

SC220.7 excavator has become the technical introducing program of Burma in July 2005. And we have finished the Burma factory design, and all round technical consultation on parts manufacturing, vehicle assembly, and delivery inspection, and we also provide them some data and parts.

"Human orientation, integrity and diligence, innovation and keep ahead, and serve the society" is our consistent operating tenet, and the customer satisfaction is what we pursue forever.

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