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DINGSHENG WTD9500(1) Paver

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DINGSHENG WTD9500(1) Paver

DINGSHENG WTD9500(1) Paver

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The leveling system is characterized by fast response speed and high leveling precision.
Left and right crawler belts are independently hydraulic driven to help maintain a constant paving speed and ensure good straight-ahead travel function of our road paver. Non-slip steering and spot turning can also be achieved ...

WTD9500(1) Paver with Mechanical Mangle Specifications

Items Parameters
Travel mode Crawler
Basic width 2.5m
Max. paving width 9.5m
Max. paving thickness 350mm
Theoretical productivity 700t/h
Hopper volume 14t
Working speed 0-18m/min
Flatness deflection Longitudinal 3mm/3m, Horizontal ±0.02%
Camber adjustment -1%—+3%
Model SC8D 6BTA5.9
Make Shangchai Cummins
Rated power 140 138
Rated speed 2200 2200
Screed system
Type Vibra/tamping
Oscillating frequency 25HZ
Vibrating frequency 40HZ
Heating By gas
Total length 6470mm
Total width 2615mm
Total height (incl. cab) 3570mm
Total weight 24.5t
Optional parts
Balance beam (mechanical or ultrasonic type), imported level adjuster
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