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DINGSHENG PY160G Motor Grader

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DINGSHENG PY160G Motor Grader

DINGSHENG PY160G Motor Grader

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·Shanghai Diesel Engine D6114, hydraulic-electronic shifting transmission made by HANGZHOU Gear box Works, Specially matched for construction machineries.

·The Rear driving axle of three section structures is mounted with "No-SPIN “Differential of company’s patent.

·Hydraulic operating system with synchro/sensitive double pumps and double circuits.

·Whole hydraulic brake system.

·All hydraulic steering of front wheel, small turning radius makes the machine more Flexible in operation.

·Company patent ‘roller type" circle is optional, free from adjusting it is the best choice for matching laser leveling device.

·Cab with" French Green’colour glass to inhibit ultraviolet light, movable console suitable for all operators.

·Front frame thermoforming, NC welding.

·Heavy duty blade can lengthen service life by 100%.

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