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Lonking CDM 835E Wheel Loader

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Lonking CDM 835E Wheel Loader

Lonking CDM 835E Wheel Loader

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Large loader CDM835E features

Powerful DF Cummins Engine.

Pilot Control System.

Automatic Leveling.

ROPS/FOPS Cabin with Panoramic View.

Easy maintenance.

CDM 835E is configured with Cummins engine of Euro 2 emission criterion. And the overall design of the wheel loader is optimized by computer-assisted three-dimensional simulation. To guarantee the safety of users, net defense is specially added to the tank windshield. Hydraulic steering of the loader is very flexible, thus work efficiency of the loader is greatly improved.


Overall Data of  large loader CDM835E:

Traction Force :(kn):         97±3

Breakout Force (kn):          100±3

Travel Speeds (km/h):               


                                       6.5         12.0         32.0

             Reverse              6.8         12.5         33.5

Engine:                                          DF CUMMINS 6BT5.9-C130

Drive Train:

Torque Converter:                        Single-stage, Single-turbine, 3-elements

Transmission:                                Countershaft power shift Transmission

Gear:                                            3F/3R

Main Reducer:                               Spiral bevel,1-stage Reduction

Final Reducer:                                Planetary Reduction

Tire:                                               17.5-25 L-3 12PR

Brake System:

Service Brake:                                Single Circuit Caliper, Dry Brake

Parking & Emergency Brake:          Flexible Shaft Controlled Calipe             

Steering System:

Type:                                               Hydraulic Load Sensing

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