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SANY STR130C Roller

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●  STR Series features high stability and coincidence degree when the machine starts and stops (starts vibrating and stops vibrating), leaving less impression on surface;

●  STR Series features a 4 integrated centres design (exciting force centre, steel wheel form centre, gravity centre, and bray centre of load distribution) that helps eliminating rocking;

●  Front and rear drums drive features cross arrangement that improves stability when traveling;

  Drive’s side shock absorption block features none-rotating technology that improves vibrating balanceSuperb Performance - 4 measures to ensure quality of leveling;

  Europe, high-positioned air intake: more environmentally friendly;
  1m×1m front and rear visibility meets European safety standard;
●  Reversible cab: Makes engine access easyof vibrating drum: effectively reducing pressure of vibrating system and increasing system reliability;
   Four-point support;
   Visible wheel surface nozzle: easy to monitor water spraying;
●   Modern streamlined design.


Operating weight Cabin 13500kg
Static linear load of rear/front drum 310N/cm
Distributed weight for rear drum 6750kg
Distributed weight for front drum 6750kg
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