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SANY SAC12000 Truck Cranes

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SANY SAC12000 Truck Cranes

SANY SAC12000 Truck Cranes

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  SAC12000 – the first 1000-ton all-terrain crane in Asia
  Easy to assemble and easy to transport with self loading/unloading, assembly and disassembly functions. 9-axle chassis equipped with 4 outriggers, superstructure and two winches have a total mass of 108t.
   Powerful hoisting capability with Max. rated load: 1000t; Max. hoisting torque: 3400tm; Basic boom length:18.6m; total length with fully extended boom: 102m. Max. rated load, the lift height and the operation range increase with full counterweight. 15 working conditions available make the crane highly flexible for whatever crane configuration needed.
   Efficient and energy-saving closed hydraulic system with multiple pumps and circuits, main and aux winches with variable motors. Max. single rope speed: 130 m/min.
Hydro-pneumatic suspension system has five modes while the steering system has six modes.
   The safe and reliable control system includes safety control of chassis while traveling, optimal configuration of power system, automatic telescoping control over multiple boom sections, torque limiter, synchronized control, work planning, simulated hoisting and automatic fault diagnosis.
●“GCP global customer portal” enables remote fault diagnosis and equipment monitoring and equipment operating condition learning, query for components and order indoor.
Max.rated lifting weight 1000t
Min.rated radius 3m
Telescoping time of boom 5880s
Elevation time of boom 130s
Max.turning speed 0.8r/min
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