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SANY QY25C Truck Cranes

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SANY QY25C Truck Cranes

SANY QY25C Truck Cranes

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●  New industrial design: The“Red Star”series designed by a leading design agency in Europe are provided with new appearance and strong associative perception; the advanced mould pressing and electrophoresis process greatly improve the elaboration of product manufacturing;
●  Powerful lifting capacity: The hoisting boom is provided with high-strength structural steel and great circle hexagonal section, with good self-centered performance and strong lifting capacity. The maximum lifting moment is 962KN,m, and the largest span of landing leg is 6m with good stability;
●  Overlong main boom leading the industry: The length of full stretching main boom is 33.5m and the maximum lifting height is 33.98m;
●  High-efficiency working performance: The main and auxiliary hoists adopt 2-gear motor with fast lifting speed in light load and works stably with heavy load; the maximum speed of single rope is 130m/min with high working efficiency; the engine of Euro-iii standard can operate at low rotary speed with low oil consumption, thus archiving effect of energy conservation;
●  Best-value ECC system: The unique ECC control management system helps customers master the location and using status of the vehicle at any time through the GPS, thus realizing the real-time management of vehicle across the regions and the fault diagnosis;
●  Outstanding running performance: Engine with strong power and high-reliability chassis system make the SANY truck cranes provided with outstanding running performance;
●  Strong service guarantee: Relying on powerful service management platform of SANY Group and 6S service offices throughout China as well as adhering to the service concept of “surpassing the industry standard, exceeding customers' expectations”, we strive to provide customers with the highest-quality service.

Overall length 12600 mm
Overall width 2500 mm
Overall height 3450 mm
Wheel base The 1st and 2nd 4125 mm
Wheel base The 2nd and 3rd 1350 mm
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