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SANY QY100 Truck Cranes

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SANY QY100 Truck Cranes

SANY QY100 Truck Cranes

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●   New industrial design: The“Red Star”series designed by top design in Europe are provided with new appearance and strong associative perception. The advanced mould pressing and electrophoresis process greatly improve the elaboration of product manufacturing;
●   Powerful lifting capacity: The U-shaped suspending boom produced in optimal design and imported high strength steel from Sweden brings a lighter weight and stronger suspending ability;
●   Newly-designed hydraulic system: The hydraulic system adopts unique multi-pump confluence(diffluence)intelligent speed governing technology. When the double-gear pumps is under confluence, the working speed and working efficiency in relevant can be improved; when the oil is supplied respectively by any one pump, the flow distribution for the compound action can be satisfied . Besides, the low-speed working will be more stable with better performance of fine motion;
●   Precise control system: The CAN bus control technology is provided with multiple control modules which can transmit control signals and feedback signals through the bus, with high reliability and strong function expansibility; the system resources are shared, which collectively displays system information to integrate the using operation, maintenance, hazard warning, data record of working condition and fault diagnosis;
●   The landing leg is provided with automatic levelling and anti-tipping functions;
●   Overlong main boom leading the industry: The over-length main boom and lifting height are at the leading level in the industry; The Qy100main boom has full stretching length of 52m and max. lifting height of 52m;
●   High working efficiency: The winching system composed of electro-hydraulic proportional variable pump and motor is provided with good performance on speed governing, strong pull of single rope, and fast lifting speed; the maximum speed  of single rope exceeds 135m/min with high working efficiency; the unique design of back swing buffering makes the operation more precise and the braking more stable, which, to the utmost extent, improves working stability;
●   Outstanding running performance: The high-reliability chassis system provided with powerful imported Benz engine and Germany ZF gear box (12 gears),clutch and transfer case in the structure of Germany Kessler driving axle and steering and driving axle has passed the intensive road test of 30,000km; it is the only 100t truck crane in China that adopts four-axle steering technology with good maneuverability and long tyre life.

Max.rated lifting weight 100t
Min.rated radius 3m
Telescoping time of boom 130s
Elevation time of boom 60/90s
Max.turning speed 1.93r/min
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