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Hitachi ZW20 Wheel Loader

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Hitachi ZW20 Wheel Loader

Hitachi ZW20 Wheel Loader

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A high-performance, compact wheel loader that is gentle to the environment while operating in urban areas and conducting night work.

HST Auto Transmission

Continuously adjustable speed can be achieved by operating the axle pedal enabling start, acceleration, and stopping to be performed automatically.

Driving is made easy with smooth automatically speed changes

Difficult operations possible using extremely slow speeds

Excellent mechanical operations with highly responsive acceleration

Smooth startup on inclines using HST brake operations

Excellent rim pulling effects manifested at all speeds

A Single-Speed Locking Mechanism to Improve Performance

This switches the operation mode for the travel speed between work mode and drive mode.

LOW : When the switch is set to LOW, the speed is fixed and work mode is selected.

AUTO : When the switch is set to AUTO, work mode is released and the vehicle enters drive (automatic variable speed) mode.

High-Output Engine

15.8 kW(21 HP)

Top-Class Traction Force

17.2 kW(1 750 kgf)

Improved Starting Performance

When the outside air temperature is low and starting the engine is difficult, starting performance can be improved by turning the key switch to the HEAT (preheat) ON position.


Enclosed wet-disc brake

Electric parking brake

Full safety features

Easy maintenance

Equipped with HN bush

Large fuel tank (33 L capacity)

Cab Specifications (Optional)

Wide panorama cab
(without ROPS / FOPS)
Wider foot space and lever operation area with stylishly-spacious design, improved operability and interior comfort

Model Code ZW20
Operating Weight 1 945 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.3 m3
Max. Engine Output 15.8 kW (21 HP)
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