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XCMG XC300J Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant

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XC series stabilized soil mixing plant is one of main road construction quipments, which is a group mixer dedicated to mixing various stabilized mixtures combined with water rigid materials . Due to the mixing process concentrated in a fixed site, it features accurate batching , even mixing, and materials-saved ,etc. So the equipment is widely used for high-grade highways and urban roads base/sub-base layer construction ,as well as freight yard ,parking lot .airport construction. The XC Series Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant has the advantages of advanced performance ,high efficiency and comfortable operation. Many components adopt international famous products to guarantee the quality .It is the ideal machine for modern construction.

Performance and characteristic:

◆Module-typed assembly structure with a plurality of combination types is convenient for arrangement, disassembly and shipping.

◆Batching plant suitable for different working mediums is provided. Except for the standardized batching plant ,there are batching plants with forcing arch-breaking device for choice ,which are used for the material supply of the easy stock bridging material(moist fly ash ,soil and sand grain).

◆A plurality of powder material supply system of different stabilizers is contented .The powder material is conveyed by the spiral conveyor ,in order to avoid the dissipation and dust and ensure no environmental pollution.

◆Large-capability low-position dual-horizontal shaft forcing no-liner mixer makes more uniform mixing ,higher reliability ,more convenient mainte nance and curing ,better economy and lower maintenance cost.

◆The mixing material storage bin adopts the driving of the cylinder ,with reliable motions.

◆The blanking conveyor has the foldable structure which is convenient for transportation and installation. The material collecting belt conveyor and the blanking belt conveyor adopt the electric roller for driving ,which are suitable for poor site environment and have simple maintenance and curing. The conveying belts are ring-shaped belts and have unique deflection-proof function.

◆The mixer of bitumen cold regeneration mixing plant is adopted dual motor and speed reducer, so the machine can run balanced and the reliability became higher. The application of the reverse blending blade makes the blending more even.

◆The powder feed system of the bitumen cold regeneration mixing plant is adopted air-pressure butterfly switch to control the supply. It can reduce the time of supply and increase the precision of the powder measuration .

◆The whole machine is centralized and controlled by the computer, and the program can be manually and automatically operated, with convenient operation and reliable works. The arrangement and adjustment of the burden are convenient.

◆The computer has powerful management function, friendly user interface and good man-machine conversion function, can memorize the datum such as the burden, output, etc., can output and print the statistical report list, and provides powerful supports for site management, scheduling and monitoring.

◆The monitor of the computer has clear and friendly user interface and automatic detection and alarm function for the malfunction ,thus improvinq the automation level of the whole machine, reducing the labor intensity of the operators and improving the reliability of the whole machine.

◆The constant-temperature central control room is spacious and bright, and likes spring all through the year.

◆The application of the frequency conversion control technology has good stability and high reliability, compared with the electromagnetic speed regulation.
Main Technical Specification 



Rated productivity


Total Power


Aggtrgater Size













Max.motor power





22×6 m²

Speed-adjusted mode

Variable freguency control

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