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XCMG XC400L Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant

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XCMG XC400L Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant

XCMG XC400L Soil Stabilizer Mixing Plant

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- The module structure has many combination types, which is easy to arrange, dismantle, and transport.
- The batching plant can suit different working media. Except the standard batching plant, the batching plant with the mandatory air cannon can also be selected, which can be used for the supply of the materials (moist flyash, soil, sand) which are easy to cake.
- The various powder supply system meets different stabilizers. The screw conveyer transmitting powder can avoid lose and dust and ensure the environment without pollution.
- The mandatory no-scaleboard mixing plant which has large capacity, low order, and double horizontal spindles makes the mixing better and more reliable, facilitates maintenance, improves economy, and reduce the maintenance expense.
- The mixture storage is driven by the cylinder, which is reliable.
- The charging belt conveyor adopts folding structure, which facilitates the transportation and installment. Both the aggregate conveyor and the charging belt conveyor are driven by the motorized pulleys, which can be used in the fierce environment, and is easy to maintain. The conveyor belts are circle, and have the unique function of preventing deviation.
- The recycling asphalt mixing plant adopts double electrical motor and double reducer, which makes the equipment run stably and improves its reliability. Meanwhile, the application of the mixing knife makes the mixing better.
- The powder supply system of the recycling asphalt mixing plant adopts rapid material supply by opening the butterfly bamper, reducing the time of material supply and improving the measuring accuracy.
- The machine adopts the computer centralized control, and can be operated manually or automatically. It is easy to operate and works reliably. The ingredients proportion is convenient to set and adjust.
- The computer has strong management function, and the friendly interface has excellent man-machine interaction function. It can store the data of proportion and output, and print the statistical statement, which strongly support the site management, dispatch, and monitoring.
- The computer interface is clear and friendly. It has automatic failure detection and warning function, which improves the automation of the machine, reduces the operators’ labor intensity, and improves the reliability of the machine.
- The constant temperature central control room is spacious and bright.
- The frequency control technique has higher stability and reliability compared with the electromagnetic speed governing.



Rated productivity


Total power



Weight (electronic dynamic measurement)

Max. permissive aggregate diameter


Ingredient accuracy





Lime, flyash








Max. motor power



Module (blocks combination)

Floor space (LxW)


Speed adjustment mode

Frequency control technology

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