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XCMG All terrain crane

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XCMGQAY1200All terrain crane

1. XCMG QAY1200 All terrain crane

XCMG QAY1200 all terrain crane adopts 8-segment single-cylinder bolt variable section telescopic boom. New jib design has two kinds of working conditions, one it 4-segment boom with independent boom head, the other is 8-segment boom, havin……

XCMGQAY800All terrain crane

2. XCMG QAY800 All terrain crane

QAY800 adopts 7-segment oval boom, the length is 84m. The boom can be separated into two parts. After dismantling the 5th-7th segments and installing a 2.5m independent boom head, the length of the boom is 52m, forming a 4-segment short-bo……

XCMGQAY500All terrain crane

3. XCMG QAY500 All terrain crane

QAY500 all terrain crane is equipped with new spacious luxury cab, combined center console, digital indicator, Grammer air suspension seat, electrical control rear mirror, etc. The product adopts 8-axle chassis, 6-axle steering, and 4-axle ……

XCMGQAY400All terrain crane

4. XCMG QAY400 All terrain crane

The product adopts 7-axle all terrain chassis, 5-segment oval-section jib, and single-cylinder no-rope automatic stretch and retract system. It has optional self-loading and unloading super-lift device, fixed extension jib, and luffing jib……

XCMGQAY300All terrain crane

5. XCMG QAY300 All terrain crane

QAY300 adopts 7-axle chassis, 5-axle steering, 4-axle drive, elliptic section jib, and single-cylinder no-rope automatic stretch and retract, having strong lifting performance. Through the application of the fieldbus technique, the computer……

XCMGQAY260All terrain crane

6. XCMG QAY260 All terrain crane

•As the final product of the new generation all terrain crane, QAY260 perfectly inherits the advantages of the previous products.•The product adopts 6-axle all terrain chassis, 12x12 full-axle steering mode. Adopt the imported Benz EFI ……

XCMGQAY240All terrain crane

7. XCMG QAY240 All terrain crane

Based on the success of QAY130, QAY160, and QAY200 all terrain truck cranes, QAY 240 is another new all terrain product developed by our company through extensive market research and technical demonstration. It inherits the successful exper……

XCMGQAY220All terrain crane

8. XCMG QAY220 All terrain crane

•QAY220 all terrain crane inherits the 222 patent techniques and 38 new patents techniques.•The product adopts 6-axle chassis, 12x12 full-axle steering, 6-segment retractable boom, and oval section. The variable section technique make t……

XCMGQAY200All terrain crane

9. XCMG QAY200 All terrain crane

No.ItemUnitParameter1Total mass in travel statekg720002Overall length for travelmm162003Overall width for travelmm≤30004Overall height for travelmm≤40005Chassis lengthmm142406Max. travel speedkm/h717Min. stable travel speedkm/h28Drive t……

XCMGQAY180All terrain crane

10. XCMG QAY180 All terrain crane

•QAY180 new terrain crane integrates 222 patent techniques, adopts 38 new patents techniques, and shows 8 technical highlights.•The overall length in travel is only 15.77m, the weight is 60t, the chassis length is 13.77m, and the minimu……

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