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Yutong YTQU50 Crawler Crane

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Yutong YTQU50 Crawler Crane

Yutong YTQU50 Crawler Crane

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 1. It adopts well performed Cummins diesel engine which meets the emission standard of GB Ⅱstandard and with an engine power up to 180 horsepower to provide a reliable, economical and environmental power source.

2. The retractable chassis structure has an extended folding bracket to improve the stability of chassis and at the same time not influence overall transportation. The extension and retraction of crawler can be directly controlled in the cab, and the extension and retraction can be done simultaneously with the machine walking. The width when operating can up to 4,400 mm to facilitate a better stability of the complete machine.

3. The built-in planet gear reducer and large torque running motor has a large driving force, strong grade ability and high reliability.

4. The main winch which has a high speed free lowering function adopts dual brakes not only largely improve working efficiency but also guarantee brake reliability.

5. The derricking winch mechanism which equipped with ratchet locking device (Main winch can also be equipped in accordance with customer's requirements) to guarantee the safe and reliable positioning of boom and goods to avoid accidents.

6. For boom that formed by welding of high strength structural pipe, the boom head adopts nylon pulley which has a good stiffness, light weight, and strong carrying capacity.

7. The pilot controlled and load sensing hydraulic control system has a good micro-motion performance, high accuracy, and convenient and agile operating performance.

8. The swing mechanism that with a controllable free slipping mechanism can be controlled stably without impact.

9. It is equipped with a reliably performed torque limiter to have a real-time monitoring of working condition. It is also equipped with safety devices such as rotary table swing locking device, boom anti-overturn device, and winch over-rolling protection device etc. to guarantee the crane can work safely and reliably.

10. It is equipped with electronic combination instrument to facilitate an integrated control of engine data, as well as real-time indication and supervision of working state. It is also optional to equip with anemometer, level gauge and electric megaphone to guarantee safe and smooth conducting of work.

11. The shock absorbing connected streamline shape grate circle cab has a wide range of view and beautiful appearance, and is also equipped with top grade shock absorbing seat, fan, heater, MP3 audio player to highly improve the comfort level of operation.

12. The main and auxiliary winches are all adopt module design, and multi-selection is applicable in accordance with customer's requirements.

13. The hanging type balance weight is more easily to be installed and dismantled to facilitate conveying.
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