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DINGSHENG DT530LC Wheel Loader

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    Loader Series
    ● Adopt twin turbo torque converter plus power shifting transmission assembly.
    ● Adopt hydraulic system with prior unloading; it has obvious energy-saving effect
    ● The driver has wide view; it is equipped with ultraviolet-proof glass.
    ● Movable control console, joystick system, dual-purpose air conditioner and audio system etc make driving operation to be comfortable and convenient;
    ● Mine bucket, snow shoveling plate, wood grappling device and fork loading device etc enlarge the working range of the product.

    DT530 Series Backhoe Loader
    ● Adopt Cummins engine with strong power and stable performance.
    ● Working device adopts joystick control, whose control is simple and comfortable.
    ● Adopt high-strength excavator arm, which is suitable for excavation work of various kinds of large load conditions
    ● Equipped with air-conditioned cab and 360° rotating seat; with spacious space , good view and drive comfort.
    ● Have two-drive, four-drive and side-tipping etc configuration, meeting various kinds of construction requirement.
    ● Generality of accessory is high and it is convenient for user.
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