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NFLG YHZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant

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NFLG YHZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant

NFLG YHZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant

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Product characteristics:

YHZN mobile concrete mixing plant is a new plant designed by NFLG on the basis of combination of the advanced technology and latest research fruit at home and abroad as well as the rich producing experiences in the past years of NFLG. It is a nice plant with compact and neat design; most functions of the plant can be realized on a chassis, such as collecting, electrical weighing, lifting, and mixing. It is easy to install and convenient to move, and can be widely used in all kinds of building sites and producing base of roads, bridges, dams, aerodromes.

1 Excellent Mixing Performance:

Sun series planetary concrete mixer can mix materials homogenously in shortest time thanks to its extraordinary compulsion mixing efficiency and therefore can be exploited successfully in all kinds of producing process, with different scraper bar, which greatly improves the mixing efficiency. The inner side of the mixer is wholly covered by anti-scrubbing exchangeable liner, all canes are fitted according to their special position as to optimize the fluency of the materials and reduce the abrasion between the materials and vanes. All scrapers, vanes and axes are of fluid design. The plant is designed to mix concrete of all sorts of proportion with different properties.

2 Simple and Smart Operation:

The plant is controlled by computer and can be altered to manual operations if necessary. Running conditions of all components can be observed on the dynamic panel and the producing data can be saved and printed.

3 Accurate and Stabile Weighing:

Weighing and controlling components of aggregate, powder and water are imported. Imported special computer of industry class with a sampling speed over 120m/s can absolutely guarantee the weighing accuracy and stability.

4 High Reliability:

The weighing system adopts imported computer weighing instrument with a sampling speed of 120m/s and automatic compensation function. The aggregate, cement, water and admixtures are separately controlled by own weighing instrument, which ensures accuracy and reliability of weighing. The weighing, transporting, lifting, mixing and discharging process is automatized with the help of PLC and can be switched to manual operation option. Moreover, the microcomputer controlled management system is available on requirement.

The main electrical components of the control system are imported, which greatly reduces the failure rate.

5 Unparalleled Maneuverability and mobility:

Belt conveyor, mixer, weighing system, screw conveyor and silos are all in the whole structure, can be easily removed, transported and installed.

6 Environmentally Friendly Exploitation:

The feeding, weighing, mixing and discharging of all powders run in closed condition, which greatly reduce negative effect of powder, shaking and noise to the environment.

Item  Technical parameters
Mixer Measurement range  Aggregate(cumulative weighing) 2500Kg±2%
Theoretic productivity Powder material  600Kg±1%
Aggregate bin capacity  Water  300Kg±1%
Aggregate size Admixture 20Kg±1%
Discharge height Dimension  16mx2.5mx4.5mon transportation),16.3mx3.4mx7.5mon exploitation
Total weight Transported speed 25Km/h
Total power  Power supply  380v/50Hz
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