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XCMG XZJ5250GLQ Asphalt Distributor

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XCMG XZJ5250GLQ Asphalt Distributor

XCMG XZJ5250GLQ Asphalt Distributor

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XCMG intelligent asphalt distributor can be applicable to the construction of permeable layer, underlayer sealing, and cohesive layer, as well as the fog seal for each grade of asphalt highway, featuring high precision spraying, reliable performance, and convenient operation. It is the ideal equipment for the construction and maintenance of asphalt road.

1.    Stainless steel packaged tank, featuring beautiful and elegant appearance, anti-corrosion and durability, and good thermal insulation property; a washboard is built in the tank, which prevents the inertial impaction during the travelling of the distributor.

2.    Three-section folding spraying bar can lift up and down as well as swing rightwards and leftwards, which can perform the double or triple spraying; each spray nozzle can be independently controlled, and the spraying width can be randomly regulated; and the distributor is equipped with a handheld spray gun.

3.    Belgian JOHNSON high-viscosity asphalt pump with jacket, featuring high reliability and self priming function.

4.  Italian RIELLO diesel burner, which can automatically heat up and preserve the heat; the heat transfer oil (conduction oil) heating system can be used to fully and comprehensively heat all the asphalt pump, nozzles and tank, and also heat one of the above parts, respectively; and it can be connected to external power supply for achieving the main-machine-free automatic circulating heating, which extends the service lifetime of main machine.

5.  SINOTRUCK HOWO 6X4 heavy duty chassis, luxury cab with the cold and warm air conditioner and ABS system, which  makes operation and driving safe and comfort.

  Unit  XZJ5250GLQ 
Spraying width mm  200-6000 
Asphalt spraying dosage  kg/m2  0.23.0 
Asphalt tank capacity  L  13000 weight  t  25
Spraying precision    ±1.5% 
Chassis Model    ZZ1257M4647C 
Engine power   kw  198
Site transfer speed  km/h  80 
Spraying medium    Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, cutback asphalt 
Heating    Diesel burner 
Fuel tank  L  400
Electrical system  V  24
Dimension    10830×2496×3900 
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