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Shantui HJC5391THB 49M Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Shantui HJC5391THB 49M Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Shantui HJC5391THB 49M Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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While Chutian is an older established brand, Shantui immediately began to implement its superior manufacturing processes and know-how to the Chutian production lines. The result is a company that is now poised to take over the 3th position in China’s vast market. The combination of Chutian’s 20-year experience in concrete machinery and Shantui’s mature QC and parts and service network, appears to be a winner.
Shantui concrete truck mixers come with planetary gearbox transmissions for smooth shifting, strong wide frames for increased stability and low centers of gravity,and reinforced front and rear axle suspension systems for safety and maneuverability. They have excellent visibility and spacious, ergonomically designed cabs.
Weight 391000kg
Max. speed 89km/h
Dimensions Length 13949mm
Width 2500mm
Height 4000mm
Engine Type 4-stroke, water-cooled direct-injection, turbo-supercharged and central-cooler diesel engine, with overhead camshaft and common rail system
Model Isuzu 6WF1D
Displacement 14256 mL
Power 287kW/1800rpm
Emission standard Euro III
Pumping system Delivery cylinder bore 230mm
Distribution valve “S”  valve
Theoretical concrete displacement Low pressure 120m3/h
Theoretical pumping pressure Low pressure 7MPa
Hopper capacity 0.6m3
Feeding height 1.53m
Slump scope 140–230mm
Maximum aggregate size 40mm
System pressure 32 MPa
Pressure cut-off Automatic (optional)
Transmission Model MJT7S
Operation mode Manual
Forward gears 7
Pumping gear 6
Water pump  Drive method Hydraulic drive
Cleaning output 20 L/min
Chassis model Isuzu CYH51Y
Chassis drive mode 8×4
All cabs equipped with A/C, sleeper
Wheelbase 1–2 shaft 1850mm
2–3 shaft 4605mm
3–4 shaft 1310mm
Tread 1 shaft 2065mm
2 shaft 1850mm
Tire model 295/80R22.5
Minimum turning radius 11.9m
Braking distance ≤9.5m/30km/h
Boom Boom folding style “RZ” 
Quantities 5 sections
Turning angle of boom  90° /180 ° /180° /250° /180°
Rotation angle of turntable 365°
Vertical reach 49m
Reach depth 34.2m
Horizontal reach 45m
Delivery pipe size 125mm
Hose length 3m
Hydraulic system pressure 35MPa
Outrigger Outrigger spread method Rear swing 
Outrigger spread L-R front 10.68m
Outrigger spread L-R rear 11.17m
Hydraulic system pressure 35MPa
Power system Transfer case Germany STIEBEL
Master pump Germany Rexroth
outrigger pump 
Germany Rexroth
Control method Manual/remote 
Remote controller Germany HBC
Water tank capacity 300L
Tank capacity 820L
Hydraulic oil cooling method Air cooled
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