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Lovol BJ5293THB-1 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Lovol BJ5293THB-1 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Lovol BJ5293THB-1 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Main Features

1. Ultra Safe:
[Safe Vehicle Body]
• The vehicle body is designed according to the latest frame structure concept of Europe and meets the European safety standard. The vehicle body is formed by one-shot stamping molding and welded by robot, and adopts advanced painting process and is well tight, dust proof and noise proof;
•The rearview mirror designed according to the standards of EU accords with the ergonomic principle and expands the vision of the driver and improves the driving comfort greatly.
[Safe Steering]
Adopt the German ZF steering engine to make steering safer.
2. Ultra-long Life:
[Global Golden Supply Chain]
• Adopt such core parts and components as the American Cummins original power, Eaton gear box, Sachs clutch, and German ZF steering engine, etc. to ensure high reliability and long life of the Foton Loxa pump truck and extend the service life of the complete vehicle by 50%. The quality of Cummins engine is verified by millions of users all over the world and it is overhaul free every 1 million miles on average;
• Benz technology is used to adapt the carrier to provide with strong bearing capacity and high reliability.
3. Ultra-high Profit:
[Low Fuel Consumption]
•Power of the engine matches with the load of upper structure and meets the national III and IV emission standard. The CAN busbar system is used to communicate with the upper structure in real time. The fuel consumption for pumping a cubic meter of concrete is ≤0.7 liter, with high fuel economical efficiency;
•The unique CELECT fuel system of the engine is of high fuel injection pressure, adopts the combined high-strength piston with steel head and aluminum skirt, and the patented “four-step” HOLSET supercharger, and injects high-pressure fuel accurately, and it adopts the single-cylinder four-valve design and modified combustion system to provide stronger power. The fuel consumption is ≤192g/kw.H, and it is fuel saving;
•Idle speed of the engine is slow and is stable and low fuel consuming.
[High Attendance]
Adopt the global golden supply chain, with high reliability, high attendance, and low maintenance cost.
[Low Service Cost]
One-stop service for carrier and upper structure, 2-year warranty period for engine, and low service and maintenance costs.
4. Boom System:
[Stable Professional and Accurate Design]
Ensure reasonable structural and excellent performance of the boom system through finite element analysis and dynamic analysis and based on the dynamics simulation principle and repeated tests and accurate data.
[Stable Small deflection of Boom]
•The hydraulic system adopts the most advanced self-adapting buffer technology to mitigate the vibration caused by pumping;
•Specific to the construction of pump truck with long boom, and the balance valve of boom with secondary overflow reduces the impact of boom. The boom is lifted by two cylinders. One-section boom provides excellent performance;
•Slewing bearing is the high-precision bearing with the gap of 0.1-0.15, and the boom slewing balance valve is the most advanced PDRM slewing buffer valve with high pressure starting and low pressure braking and free of creeping motion, and the boom slewing is balanced;
•Set the starting current and liner proportion to the optimum parameter, and control the boom deflection between 0.1-0.5m.
[Diverse Booms]
There are three types of booms: R type, Z type, and RZ type, meeting the demands of various users.
[Advanced Manufacturing Process]
•The boom is made of the WELDOX700E/WELDOX900E high-strength steel plate imported from Sweden, with the yield strength of 900Mpa; and adopts the safe and reliable boom system developed by WIZZEL and SERMAC jointly;
•The boom is of light deadweight, excellent rigidity, compact structure, and large operating scope;
•The welded boom is dehydrogenated to improve welding reliability of the boom significantly;
•Every welding seam of each pump truck receives 100% non-destructive inspection to ensure durability, safety, and reliability of the boom and ensure that the boom can withstand strict tests.
[Intelligent Boom]
•Adopt German HBC remote control with the remote control distance up to 100m, and the remote control has four frequency ranges to prevent same frequency interference;
•Control the boom to the designated position with the boom limit switch (or sensor), and control turning angle of boom within 365° with the turret limit switch;
•Welding process: The boom and outrigger are welded by the advanced robot welding technology to improve the welding quality.
5. Pumping System:
[Large Displacement and Low Consumption]
•Foton Loxa pump truck has been promoting pump truck with large displacement and adopts concrete conveying cylinder with large diameter and long travel, hopper with small slope, and is equipped with high power mixing and feeding system;
•Under the premise of increasing conveying displacement of the pump truck, reduce the reversing in unit time, reduce the wearing times and vibrating frequency of the wear plate, cut ring, and conveying cylinder, so as to increase the service life of wearing parts and reduce your operating costs and achieve higher economical efficiency.
6. Hydraulic System:
[Reliable and Durable Hydraulic System]
•Adopt closed circuit electric-hydraulic buffer dual-pump dual-circuit closed hydraulic system;
•The hydraulic system of Foton Loxa pump truck adopts the most advanced self-adapting buffer technology, with small pumping vibration;
•Filters are equipped for oil taking and oil return of the hydraulic system to improve cleanliness of the oil, extend the using time of oil, and improve operating stability of the hydraulic system.
•Foton Loxa pump truck adopts flushing valve. The fuel tank is of large volume. The circulating hot oil radiates through the high power radiator to reduce temperature of the oil of the hydraulic system and improve reliability of the hydraulic system.
[Auto Lubrication and Grease Saving Technology]
The truck lubricates the wearing elements and components such as the concrete cylinder and hopper automatically during pumping to save the lubricating grease significantly. The lubricating grease consumption for pumping a cubic meter of concrete is ≤0.008 liter, taking the lead in the industry.
7. Electrical System:
Application of CAN busbar control, accurate communication means and data, simple wiring, low fault rate, assembling costs and maintenance costs.
[Improvement of Controller]
•Exclusive on-board controller with excellent dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, high temperature resistance (-40℃~125℃) performance, higher loading capacity, simple peripheral and central circuit, and low fault rate is used to replace the conventional industrial PLC controller to increase the reliability of the electrical system significantly;
•Adopt German HBC remote control with the remote control distance up to 100m, a full-function remote control controlling the spreading boom and pumping unit through remote electric-hydraulic proportion and controlling small action and movement of the boom; and enabling it to approach the working point quickly and tender positioning.
8. Remote Fault Diagnosis System:
Positioning and remote fault diagnosis is implemented through the CAN busbar GPS system and remote assistance of experts to service personnel with maintenance increases intelligentization level of the pump truck and provides powerful technical assurance for after-sales service.
Technical parameters
Platform 6×4
Feeding Height 37
Chassis ETX Oilman ETX
Travel Performance
100km fuel consumption (L/100km) 40
Stable idle rotation speed (r/min) 700
Minimum turning radius (m) 11
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 255
Height of complete vehicle (mm) 3900
Designed maximum speed (km/h) 85
Pass-by acceleration noise (dB (A) ) 84
Noise level at operator's ear (dB (A) ) 87
Engine Performance Parameters
Minimum fuel consumption rate (g/kw·h) 192
Displacement (L) 10.8
Engine stable idle rotation speed (r/min) 700
Rated power/rated rotation speed (Kw/rpm) 283/1900
Maximum torque (N·m/rpm) 1835/1200
Emission standard Euro III
Loading Performance
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.7
Loading speed (r/min) 2~3
Maximum grain size passing the sieve (mm) 40
Loading height (mm) 1410
Pumping Performance
Maximum theoretical output (m3/h) High pressure 90/low pressure 135
Maximum theoretical conveying height (m) 36.7
Maximum theoretical conveying depth (m) 26
Maximum working radius (m) 33
Boom rotary angle (°) 365°
Number of booms 4
Theoretical pumping pressure (Mpa) 12月8日
Theoretical pumping times 18~24
System oil pressure (Mpa) 40
Hydraulic system type Open
Distribution valve S valve pipe
Inside diameter of cylinder x stroke (mm) 140×2000
Inside diameter of concrete cylinder x stroke (mm) 230×2000
Recommended slump (cm) 10~23
Pumping system noise (dB (A) ) 82
Maximum working deflection of boom (m) 0.5
Maximum working amplitude of boom (m) 0.3
Reversing time of S valve (s) 0.2
Pumping fuel consumption (L) 0.6-0.7
Inside diameter of conveying pipe (mm) 125
inside diameter of elbow pipe (mm) 125/150
Cleaning Performance Indexes
Water tank capacity (L) 500
Working pressure of oil pump (Mpa) 25
Oil pump flow (ml/r) 16
Working pressure of motor (Mpa) 20
Motor displacement (ml/r) 25
Working pressure of water pump (Mpa) 2月8日
Rated flow of water pump (L/min) 20-40
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