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Liugong 915C Crawler Excavator

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Liugong 915C Crawler Excavator

Liugong 915C Crawler Excavator

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Comfortable and convenient
operation environment

Comfortable and Spacious Cab
·Well positioned monitors and controls make complex operation easier.
·Reinforced frome reduces the potentiaI iniury of operator in the event of an accident.
·Smoke-tinted sunroof hatch helps you keep an eye on overhead obstructions Comes with a retractable shade to reduce glare.
·Audio entertainment system relaxes the operator during long hours of operation.
·Fluorine-free large-capacity air-conditioner with dual air vents and internal temperature control microprocessor.
·The suspension seat is can be adjusted to the most appropriate position.
·Cab mounted on silicon shock absorbers gives the cab outstanding operator comfort with less vibration and noise.

Convenient and easy t0 read instrument panel
·Friendly interface,high reliability easy t0 read.

Pilot control joystick
·Easier to operate with higher sensitivity for more accurate control of a rm and bucket movement.

System self-monitoring and fault alarm

·To realize intelligent operating and control the system can detect  speed of engine. preasure. lubricant status. water temperatu re,fuel capacity, valve presure, oil temperature. voltage and switch status.

Bucket capacity

Bucket Capacity 0.36~0.73m3  

Operating Weight
Operating Weight 13500kg  

Rated power
Rated Power 82kw  

Swing system
The superstructure is swung by a high torque plunger piston and 2 stage planetary reduction gear, wi -  
Swing speed 12.4r/min  

Number of carrier rollers 2each side  
Number of track rollers 7each side  
Number of idlers 1each side  
Number of shoes 45each side  
Width of track shoes 600mm  

Control System
All working movement are controlled by a hydraulic pilot system. The right-hand lever controls the b -  

Drives & Brakes
Pilot control has two levers with pedals integrated steering evers with pedals integrated steering -  
Travel speed High:0-5.5km/h,low:0-2.9km/h  
Gradeability 35°(70%10)  

Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in line water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine  
Maximum torque 511N.M  
Displacement 3.9L  

Hyd raulic System
Main reilief valve pressure 31.9MPa  
Maximum flow 2X120L/min  
Maximum pressure of swing circuit 25MPa  
Maximum pressure of travel circuit 31.9MPa  
Pilot circuit 3.9MPa  

Hydraulic System
Main pump Two variable displacement piston pumps  
Main relief valve boom/arm/bucket 3.9MPa  

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel tank 275L  
Coolant 20L  
Engine lubricants 11L  
Swing drive 3L  
Final drive each side 2.5 L  
Hydraulic system 180L  
Hydraulic tank 15OL
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