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Liugong 906C Crawler Excavator

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Liugong 906C Crawler Excavator

Liugong 906C Crawler Excavator

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·Ground level access makes inspection and service quick and easy.
·Filter for fuel keeps the fuel tank dean and protects the engine from being damaged by fuel impurities.
·Fuel cover and counterweight are connected scientifically,preventing vibration and insuring longer iife of the machine.
·Air pre—filter provides the engine clean air.
·Convenient to refuel, fuel refill pipe located right behind the cab and refueling can be done on the ground.

Bucket capacity

Bucket Capacity 0.1-0.28m3  

Operating weight
Operating Weight 6000kg  

Rated power
Rated Power 37.4kw  

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel tank 110L  
Coolant 14L  
Engine lubricants 7L  
Traveling reducer 1.3each side  
Hydraulic system 96L  
Hydraulic tank 82L  

Swing System
Swinging speed 9.5r/min  

Number of carrier rollers 1each side  
Number of track rollers 5each side  
Number of idler rollers 1each side  
Number of shoes 40each side  
Width of track 400mm  

Drives & Brakes
Travel speed High:0-3.7km/h,low:0-2.3km/h  
Gradeability 35°(70%)  

Hydraulic System
Maximum flow 2X56.5+37.2L/min  
Main pump 2 piston pumps + gear pumps  
Main relief valve pressure 21.6MPa  
Maximum pressure of working attachments 21.6MPa  
Maximum pressure of swing circuit 17.6MPa  
Maximum pressure of travel circuit 21.6MPa  
Main relief valve boom/arm/bucket 25MPa  
Pilot circuit 3.9MPa  

Net power 34.4KW  
Maximum torque 207N.m  
Displacement 3.054L  
Model Yanmar 4TNV94L-PLY  
Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in line water-cooled diesel engine
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