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Zoomlion QY60V532 Truck Cranep

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Zoomlion QY60V532 Truck Cranep

Zoomlion QY60V532 Truck Cranep

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The QY60V532 truck crane, which is developed independently to adapt to the market demands, is a new-generation and high-performance product integrating our company many years' manufacturing experience with advanced technologies. Its performances such as lifting height, boom length, working speed and lifting capacity have achieved advanced international level.

The truck crane, with spacious cab and luxurious equipments, adopts full slewing system, telescopic boom, electro-hydraulic proportional control system and self-made full-width special purpose chassis with four axles. 8×4 drive and hydraulic power steering mechanism provide the crane with good driving performance and flexible steering.

The system with latest load feedback electro-hydraulic operated proportional directional control valve and double pump is adopted to make full use of the working capacity of each actuating mechanism. The control type of 2 levers, which are flexible and stepless speed regulated, can carry out any of the 2 crane movements “Spool up main / auxiliary winch”, “Reel off main / auxiliary winch”, “Telescope boom in / out”, “Derrick”, and “Slew” simultaneously. All that not only provides the crane with stable and reliable simultaneous movements but also greatly improves crane's working efficiency. The safety devices fitted in hydraulic system, such as relief valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve etc., prevents the oil line from overloading and the accidents caused by oil pipe breakage. The control system adopts modern data bus technology and has fault self-diagnosis function. LCD can display the pressure on fault point in real time and provide the troubleshooting methods.

The safety devices such as load moment limiter, and the complete lighting system equipped in the crane ensure your safety during operation and are convenient for night work.

This crane has a novel style which makes it beautiful in figure, in form and in color.




Working performance specifications

Max. rated lifting capacitykg


Max. load moment of basic boom



Max. load moment of max. boom lengthkN.m


Max. lifting height of basic boom m


Max. lifting height of boom m


Deformation of the boom is not taken into consideration.

Max. lifting height of jib m


Working speed

Max. hoist rope speed (main winch)



At 4th layer

Max. hoist rope speed(auxiliary winch) m/min


At 2nd layer

Boom derricking times


Boom extending times


Slewing speed r/min


Traveling specifications

Max. traveling speed km/h


Max. gradeability %


Min. turning diameter m


Min. ground clearance mm


Limits for exhaust pollutants and smoke

Meet with related standards

GB3847-2005 GB17691-2005 (National stage III)

Oil consumption per hundred kilometersL


Weight specifications

Deadweight in traveling condition kg


Complete vehicle kerb mass kg


Front axle load kg


Rear axle loadkg


Dimension specifications

Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm


Longitudinal distance between outriggersm


Transversal distance between outriggers m

(Fully extended outriggers: 6.9m; half extended outriggers: 4.8m)

Boom length m


Boom angle°


Jib length m

9.5 、16


0 、 30

New sliding design for bracing support, side hydraulic luck

Side hydraulic luck, avoiding heavy crash during the operation, ensures security.

Anti-slew steel wire

Longevity of service for the anti-slew steel wire, ensures the security of the lifting.

Moment Limiter and Display

Automatic moment limiter has the function of self testing and alarming.

Major boom head and slider

1、Hexagon major boom adopts low alloy and high strength structure steel
2、The slider with national patent, flexible operation, logical strength distribution. Strong lifting capability.

Hydraulic Motor

1、Supercharged inter-cooled engine, capable for working at place over 4500 meters altitude.
2、International dominant variable amplitude mechanism, to make the mast close or leave the machine in parallel.
3、Three section, foldable, box shape design mast, with outstanding intensity and strength.
4、The hydraulic system is efficient, energy saving, accurate on the ratio operation, load transmission, load sensitivity control.

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