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Yutong 6623 Garbage Compactor

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Yutong 6623 Garbage Compactor

Yutong 6623 Garbage Compactor

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1. The machine is provided with four-wheel drive and brake, including both front and rear wheels.

2. Shanghai Diesel Caterpillar SC11CB210G2B1 (China Stage II) and SC11CB255G2B1 (China Stage II) 6-cylinder four-stroke, water-cooled supercharged diesel engine are adopted, equipped with controllable automatic low-temperature starting device, with high power and reliable performance.

3. The hydraulic torque converter (turbine diameter of 420mm) and power gearshift transmission case (automatically disengaged at the brake application and automatically engaged at the brake release) conforming to the military standards are used; furthermore, the transmission case and clutch are externally mounted, to realize the maintenance without necessarily open the box. 

4. The hydraulic system utilizes the “Cone O-ring” dual seals conforming to DIN standards, with reliable sealing performance.

5. The hydraulic steering and lifting systems are mutually independent, without interfering each other, to work stably, and the shovel lifting is realized via the hydraulic pilot control, easily and reliably.

6. The enclosed ship-shaped box structure is adopted to reduce the driving resistance and exclude fire risks. All body steel panels are made of manganese steel, and the frame is rigid.

7. On the compaction wheel, the anti-wear teeth with long service life are fitted, and projections on the front and rear wheels on the same side are staggered to maximize the compaction width and uniformity, thus to improve the compaction rate. Each compaction wheel is provided with a mud-scrapping tooth and front cutting gear in front of and behind it.

8. The NO-Spin automatic interlock differential imported from America has been provided in the front and rear driving axles.

9. The Germany Vogel centralized lubrication system is fitted.

10. A spraying system capable of resisting corrosion by drugs is fitted, and its dosage is adjustable. An electric protection device against the nozzle blocking is available.

11. The cab tilting system can be activated in both manual and electric ways, to facilitate the servicing.

12. The color and night vision 7in. LCD flat reversing monitoring system is equipped, with a multi- view angle rain-proof camera.

13. The cab has an air purification system (with negative ion generator), heating & cooling air conditioner, fan, fire extinguisher, working warning lamp and rainproof reversing buzzer.

14. The rollover protection system(ROPS)is provided.

15. The bodywork is fully enclosed with steel panels to protect interior systems.

16. The domestically advanced combined dashboard and anti-misoperation electric key are available. The dashboard can be adjusted in the fore-and-aft direction if necessary, and the perfect instrument monitoring & warning system has ensured that the operator can gain an insight to working conditions of various systems.

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