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Huatong D20 Dump truck

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Huatong D20 Dump truck

Huatong D20 Dump truck

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A high-torque engine packed into a small body frame, the TRXBUILD D20 will outmanoeuvre its peers on any given day.

Specially designed and developed for small-size mining projects, the TRXBUILD D20 is also suitable for over burden, hydro-infrastructure, hydro-electricity and tunnel projects. Equipped with a lightweight manual transmission for higher efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance, its compact size also allows for higher manoeuvrability and a smaller turning radius.

ENGINE - Cummins NT855-C250S10
In line 6 Cyl. Four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine
Bore x Stroke - 140mm x 152 mm
Total Displacement - 14 lit
Max Power - 187Kw @ 2,100 rpm
Max Torque - 1,019 Nm @ 1,500 rpm

14” Double plate dry clutch

Manual type with 7 forward and 1 reverse

Heavy duty seamless steel tube welded

Double reduction, fully floating half shaft, cast steel axle housing
Total ratio 13.78 : 1

Hydraulic assisted power steering

2 independent circuit, pneumatic brakes system
Double pneumatic disengaged spring applied parking brake

Semi-eliptical leaf spring with rubber bumper
Front suspension has individual shock absorbers

Twin 3 stage single acting cylinders mounted on the outer chassis frame

Fabricated from high tensile steel. C-section channel with L-section reinforced member at the centre

Ergonomically designed, all steel construction,
left hand drive cabin with adjustable seat.
Insulated against heat and noise
Instrumental panel with gauges, warning and indicator lamps.
Good all round visibility, protected by automotive safety glass and FOPS

Rock type, made from fully welded high tensile steel plate complete with exhaust heating
Side plate and under floor ribs are made of high tensile steel

24V, Negative earth

Air Conditioner and heating
Pneumatic Suspension Driver Seat
Differential Lock
Deep Lug tyres (option)
Seat belt
Fuel-water separator
Cummins NT 855 Tier 2 engine

D20 Dump Truck  Parameters
Item Unit
Parameter Item Unit Parameter
4×2 Top Speed km/h 38
Kerb weight kg
16,000 Max Gradability % 29
Payload kg
20,000 Approach Angle deg 32
GVW kg
36,000 Deoarture Angle deg 42
Overall Length mm 
7,365 Min Turning Diameter m <18
Overall Width mm
2,909 Dump Body Capacity struck m3 10.7
Overall Height mm
3,145 Dump Body Capacity Heap(SAE 2:1) m3 13.9
Wheelbase mm
3,600 Tyre Size   14.00 - 24
Trank Fringt/Rear mm
2,382 / 2,070 Rim Size  

10.00 - 24

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