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Roady DHB60 Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Roady DHB60 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Roady DHB60 Asphalt Mixing Plant

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● Cold aggregate supply system
Four aggregate belt feeders, a set of aggregate belt conveyer;
Bin cubage: 4×4m3 ;The bin width:2.6m ;Loading height: 2.7m; Motor power: 4×1.5kw(electromagnetic timing); Bin vibrator: 0.25kw;
Aggregate belt width: 500mm; motor power: 4kw
Inside bin equipped with filtering net, the feeder motor adopts electromagnetic timing; convenient for transportation;

● Middle filter
Oblique flow automatically;
The middle filter has no vibration, little dust can overflow; avoid the waste material entering into the drying drum and elevator, reduce the heat loss, saving energy; Avoid big stone material jam.   

● Titled belt feeding conveyer
Belt width: 500mm
Motor power: 4 kW

● Drying drum
Components and specification:
(1)Dryer drum
Drum diameter: 1.5m; Drum length:6.5m; Motor power: 22kW           
Single row of chain; Elevator motor power: 5.5 kW
(3)Dust catcher:
Six drum cyclone dust catcher
Motor power of wind drawing fan: 30 kW
(4)Mixture storage silo:
Cubage: 3.5 M3, below part equipped with material inducing device; discharging outlet equipped with temperature sensor; the discharging door structure adopts hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and so on; Motor power: 2.2kW. Mixture discharging height: 2.8 M
The drying drum is driven by gear-tooth joggle with reliable capability; elevator board chain material 40Cr, hanging hopper material is 65Mn.

● Asphalt supply system
Components and specifications:
One 10 M3 asphalt tank; one set of asphalt pump and one set of asphalt pipelines;
The wind drawing fan motor power: 4kw;
Electromagnetism timing motor power: 3kW;
The asphalt tank burning coal or firewood, using circle hot wind pipeline to heat the asphalt.

● Electric control system
The figure dimension 2.2x2.2x2.5m; Copy container structure, the walls, door and windows are made of colorized steel plate. Pleasing shape, good seal; easy to hoist and transport.
Box type control cabinet, main electric parts are Zhengtai, Schneider, which has interlock and two-grade protection; On the operation panel equipped with manual operation device, digital indicator for main motor, mixture temperature,  cold aggregate, fuel and asphalt.

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