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Huatong ZJY5251TFC Asphalt Distributor

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Huatong ZJY5251TFC Asphalt Distributor

Huatong ZJY5251TFC Asphalt Distributor

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ZJY5251TFC effectively repairs chipping, crack, damages on roads. Main application is for preventive maintenance and repair of highways or service roads.

Synchronized Chip and Sealant Dispensing truck is specialized equipment that simultaneously spreads chips and binder (modified bitumen or modified emulsified bitumen) onto the road surface. Normal vehicle tyre pressure or roller on the surface will form a single layer of bitumen and chip wear layer.   Its main application will be for road surfaces on lower classed highways.
This equipment completes the binder and chip mixing as well as spreading in the same process, allowing the binder and chip bind.   At the same time, since molten or emulsified bitumen is less viscous, it will flow into the binder material better.   This process reduces binder spraying and chip spreading time, improves spread of binder onto chips and maintains a stable mix ratio.
Efficiency is improved and cost is reduced.

Roads paved by this process have good traction and ponding performance.   This process can be used for the repair and preventive maintenance of highways or service roads.

In the US, this process is able to extend the lifespan of roads for more than 10 years.   Australia studies shows that this process can extend the life of badly damaged roads for between 10 to 15 years.

ZJY5251TFC Asphalt Distributor  Parameters
Item Unit Unit Item Unit Unit
Asphalt tank capacity L 6000 Asphalt heating   Diesel burner
Chip silo capacity t 10 Asphalt spray method   Pump pressure
Max.paving width mm 3500 PTO   From truck engine
Basic paving width mm 2250 Truck Chassis   ZZ1257M4347C
Asphalt spray capacity L/m2 0.5-3 Control   Automatic/manual
Asphalt pump flow rate L/min 700  
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