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洛建 PY135 Motor Grader

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洛建 PY135 Motor Grader

洛建 PY135 Motor Grader

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Self-propelled articulated motor grader is suitable for large-scaleland leveling in foundation constructions. It can be used forditching, grading, slope scraping, bulldozing, ripping, virgin landscarifying and snow-removing etc., which is modernizedconstruction equipment of multi –functions and high-efficiency forhigh-class highway, railway, airport, harbors, dams, industrialground and farmland.

Famous brand diesel engines turbocharged and water-cooled with reliable and powerful performance feature energy.Torque converter and power-shift gearbox introduced from GERMANY ZF Inc. are integrated together Six forward gears and three backward gears meet various requirements during machine’s working and transporting.Driving axle with integrated free-wheel anti-slip differential and strong roller chain drive tandem case, Boxed oscillated steering front axle with leaned wheels.Popular working mechanism with pendulum-arm connecting rod structure, Standard equipped free-maintenance rolling-plarecircle device. Double cylinders of the blade tip control can adjust the cutting angle depending on soil quality.Flexible hydraulic control system with two sets of HUSCO five way control valve, imported hydraulic equalizing valve for the blade lifting, Patent hydraulically-operated pin drawing device is designed firstly in board.Steering system with center articulated joint and tilting turning front wheels can get offset travel of the entire machine.Service braking system of, caliper disc brakes on four rear wheels and mechanical internal expanding parking brake let.Dual diagonal appearance with whole metal hood 1m*1m distance.Electro-hydraulically operated with entire instrumental monitoring system, Free-maintenance OPTIMA Sweden batteries have.

It is optional for front bulldozing plate and rear ripper.

MODEL Unit PY135
Operation mass kg 11000
Front axle load kg 3950
Rear axle load kg 11900
Max.forward speed km/h 42
Max.backward speed km/h 30
Speed geae number   F6/R3
Turning radius mm 6600
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 16
Blade length*height mm 3660*610
Front wheeltrack mm 2106
Rear wheeltrack mm 2267
Wheelbase mm 2780
Engine model   6BT5.9
Engine power KW 100
Overall dimensions mm 8115*2380*3150
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