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VOLVO G976 Motor Grader

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VOLVO G976 Motor Grader

VOLVO G976 Motor Grader

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A lot of steps go into building a road, and most of them fall on the broad shoulders of a motor grader. Do it all with the Model G976, the All Wheel Drive Volvo Motor Grader with real pull.

A high blade down force of 9 776 kg (21 574 lbs) allows deep cuts without front end drift

Maximum blade pull of 16 635 kg (36 679 lbs) helps you get the most out of each pass

Low-emission, turbocharged Volvo diesel engine provides a maximum power output of 198 kW (265 hp)

Hefty 19 800 kg (43 650 lbs) base operating weight ensures high productivity without wheel spin

Optional Volvo HTE1160 transmission with 11-forward/six-reverse speeds is economical and versatile with precision control at low-speed, efficient travel at high speed and greater accuracy in the working range

Standard three engine power ranges automatically matches the right power to your low-speed or high-speed application maximizing fuel economy

All Wheel Drive Mode provides more power and control, with an extra 3 855 kg (8 500 lbs) of blade pull and high-speed capability for operation in heavy snow or the worst of footing

All Wheel Drive Creep Mode sends power to the front wheels only, providing ultra low speeds 0-4 km/h (0-2,5 mph) that are ideal for precise fine grading applications
Take the next step and put yourself a cut above (or below) the rest with the hard-working Model G976. Get started by reviewing Volvo G900-Series Motor Grader Publications, Volvo financing options and parts & service information. To find out more . . .

View the full specifications of the Model G976

View the cab from the operator’s perspective

View the Volvo Motor Grader video (Large 10 MB, Windows Media)

View the Volvo Motor Grader video (Small 4.7 MB, Windows Media)

Wide range of Volvo attachments, available for front, mid and rear-mount use, adds versatility and expands your bidding opportunities.

Contact your local dealer about the Model G976

G976 Specifications
Engine Volvo D9B
Net engine power 168 – 198 kW (225 – 265 hp)
...Low Range 168 kW (225 hp)
...Mid Range 183 kW (245 hp)
...High Range 198 kW (265 hp)
Operating weight 19 800 kg
Overall length 9 500 mm
Wheelbase 6 531 mm
Blade Pull @ 0.9 Co-efficient 16 635 kg*
Blade down pressure 9 776 kg*
* with All Wheel Drive (AWD) on
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