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Liugong 418 Motor Grader

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Liugong 418 Motor Grader

Liugong 418 Motor Grader

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Cummins engine
lntegrated world class components
Spacious cab with wide visibility
Effective and convenient operations
Easy maintenance

Operating weight

Operating Weight 15500kg  

Rated power
Rated Power 147kw  

Max. Traction Force
Max. Traction Force 86kN  

Blade Cutting Depth
Blade Cutting Depth 555mm  

Base operating weight(standard equipment)
Total 15500kg  
On front wheels 4400kg  
On rear wheels 11100kg  

working capacity(standard equipment)
Maximum draw pull 86kN  
Cutting pressure 7800kg  

Tandem drive
Height 552mm  
Width 210mm  
Center distance 1639mm  

Front axle
Ground clearance 654mm  

Min.turning radius ≤7800mm  

Max.pressure 18MPa  
Output 132L@2300r/min  

Diameter 1230mm  
Thickness 90mm  

Length 3960mm  
Height(chord) 650mm  

Blade lift range
Blade ground clearance 450mm  
Blade cutting depth 555mm  

Fuel tank 230L  
Hydraulic tank 186L  
Transmisson 45L  
Crankcase 22L  

Rated power 147kw  
Peak torque 701.5Nm  
Cylinders-bore x stroke 6-114×135mm  
Displacement 8.3L

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ID Product Area Time
1653 418 Motor Grader India 2017-01-24 00:47
1219 418 Motor Grader India 2016-02-08 12:35
1218 418 Motor Grader India 2016-02-08 12:34
1027 416 Motor Grader India 2015-06-26 21:59
475 418 Motor Grader Ethiopia 2013-10-06 23:56

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