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Zoomlion SHZ22 Road Sweeper

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Zoomlion SHZ22 Road Sweeper

Zoomlion SHZ22 Road Sweeper

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Road Sweeper SHZ22 is completely hydraulically driven, and features flexible manipulation and pleasant appearance. The vehicle is suitable for busy city streets, pedestrian mall, leisure squares, sports stadiums, industrial areas and residential quarters.

●The streamline design features beautiful shape.

●Uses large-area safety glazing, large cab space, double seats and RH driver's seat, with a

wide view for operation.

●Four-wheel steering enables a small turn radius.

●With reversible front jaw of suction nozzle, a large piece of light refuse can be drawn into by suction.

●High-efficiency recirculating air suction nozzle significantly improves sweeping performance.

●Flexible sweeping brushes automatically avoid obstruction and collision, and bristle can

be compensated automatically without the need of manual adjustment.

●Fully hydraulic drive, featuring powerful gradability, flexibility, and easy and flexible

speed control.

●Euro Ⅱ emission compliant diesel engine, featuring environmental protection and long

service life.

●Both front axle and rear axle adopt leaf spring suspension, realizing stable and

comfortable riding and driving.

●The high-efficiency, low-noise, high pressure and high flow fan features powerful cleaning capability.

●Equipped with audio alarm function to promote system safety.

●The core hydraulic units adopt the world renowned products from Linde and Poclain, featuring reliable functioning.

Technical Parameters:

Overall size



Engine model

SOFIM8140.43, Euro II emission

Engine power






Max running speed



Max sweeping width



Min. turn radius



Hopper capacity



Water tank volume



ISUZU Water-Colding Diseal Engine
1、ISUZU Water-Colding Diseal Engine, special auto clutch insures vice engine started without load.
Folded Hydraulic Valve

1、Folded Hydraulic Valve highly integrated, hydraulic pipes arraied in order, convenient for maintanence. 


1、Qualified imported sieve is waterproof and oilprood, efficient compression air dust clean, more reliable work.

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