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Zoomlion ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road Sweeper

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Zoomlion ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road Sweeper

Zoomlion ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road Sweeper

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ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper ZLJ5160TSLE3 sweeps roads mainly by suction and blowing functions, and by auxiliary methods such as flushing and magnetic suction and wet dust removal. The vehicle is suitable for road cleaning of city streets, squares, airports, wharfs, etc.


●With selectable blowing modes for the sweeping of airport runways at a speed of up to 40km/h.

●With selectable suction modes for road cleaning, and selectable flushing and magnetic

suction functions.

●With structural arrangement of “Two mid-mounted disc brushes and rear-mounted

suction nozzle”, enables a large sweeping width and high sweeping efficiency, and facilitates adjustment and maintenance of the sweeping device and suction nozzle. The arrangement has a short front suspension and a large ground clearance of suction nozzle, therefore the complete vehicle is extremely flexible for transfer.

●The sweeping device is provided with automatic obstruction avoidance and automatic

reset functions (State-patented). It can automatically retract the disc brush when the disc brush is obstructed, so as to avoid any damage to the sweeping device. Three positions of rotation speed of disc brush (i.e. HI, MID and LO) are provided for various conditions, thus ensuring that superior sweeping effect can be realized under various pollution conditions and the operation cost is reduced. The piece-type brush made by injection molding facilitates replacement.

●Down-blast fan outlet achieves a good dust suppression effect and greatly reduces

secondary pollution.

●With high capacity of hopper and water tank, ensures long and continuous operation.

●The left and right brushes can selectively operate independently or together.

●Equipped with a stacked electromagnetic hydraulic valve bank, the hydraulic system is

highly integrated and features high reliability and ease of maintenance.

●All control switches installed in the cab allow electrical control in the cab.

Technical Parameters:


Model and parameters

Chassis model

Dongfeng Kingrun

Chassis engine model

ISDe185 30

Dongfeng Cummins ISDe185 30 diesel engine

Chassis engine power

136 kW /2500 r/min

Auxiliary engine model

C300 20柴油发动机

C300 20 diesel engine

Auxiliary engine power

221 kW/2200 r/min

Max. sweeping width

3.5 m

Sweeping speed

5~20 km/h

Max. blowing width

10 m

Blowing operation speed

5~20 km/h

Max. flushing width

5 m

Max. magnetic suction width

2.1 m

Stainless steel hopper capacity

5 m3

Stainless steel water tank capacity

2000 L

Max. laden weight

15545 kg

ISUZU Water-Colding Diseal Engine
1、ISUZU Water-Colding Diseal Engine, special auto clutch insures vice engine started without load.
Folded Hydraulic Valve

1、Folded Hydraulic Valve highly integrated, hydraulic pipes arraied in order, convenient for maintanence. 


1、Qualified imported sieve is waterproof and oilprood, efficient compression air dust clean, more reliable work.

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