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XGMA XG32001 Motor Grader

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XGMA XG32001 Motor Grader

XGMA XG32001 Motor Grader

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·Equipped with the Cummins turbocharged, inter-cooled diesel engine.
·Equipped with the hydrodynamic torque converter and transmission gearbox manufactured by the Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd with ZF technology.
·Electro hydraulically controlled, easy operation.
·Rear axle is a three-section drive axle specially-designed for grader, and equipped with the imported no-spin differential.
·Stable and reliable working hydraulic system with the double-pump, dual-circuit open system.
·Safe and reliable braking with the advanced hydraulic braking control technology.
·The beautiful driver's cabin is equipped with the top-mounted air conditioner, which features wide vision and good airtightness.
·Novel and unique shape, streamline engine hood ensure easy maintenance and heat dissipation.
·The front blade, scarifier, rear ripper, circle and automatic leveling device can be selected according to the customer's needs.

Model/Technical Parameter XG32001
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Corporation
Model 6CTA8.3-C215
Rated Power (kw/hp) 160 /215
Rated Speed (rpm) 2200
Height× String Height (mm) 3965×610
Reversing Angle (°) 360
Max. Blade Angle (°) 90
Cutting Depth (mm) 500
Drive Type Motor + worm case
Type Electrohydraulic gearshift
Number of gears F6/R3
Forward Speed (Km/h) 5.1、8.7、11.4、19.5、24.1、40.1
Reverse Speed (Km/h) 5.1、11.4、24.1
Drive Type Rear-axle drive
Max. Traction Force  (KN) ≤88
Tyre SPEC 17.5-25
Front Axle
Wheel Lean Angle: (°) ±17
Steering Angle: (°) ±45
Oscillation Angle: (°) ±15
Ground Clearance: (mm) 430
Articulation Angle (°) 25 , right and left
Type of Service Brake Hydraulic disc brake 
Type of Parking Brake Hand-operated shoe-type brake
Total Weight (Kg) 16200
Basic Overall Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 9305×2595×3400
Full Overall Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 10840×2750×3400

This series of graders are suitable for the leveling, excavating, sloping, bulldozing soil-loosening, snow-removing and other operations of large-sized grounds such as road, airport, farmland, etc.

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