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SANY SF818 Electro-Hydraulic Track Pile Driving Rig

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SANY SF818 Electro-Hydraulic Track Pile Driving Rig

SANY SF818 Electro-Hydraulic Track Pile Driving Rig

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● Telescopic crawler ensures safe and reliable performance under operation and transportation condition;
● Large-torque hydraulic motor and reducer; it can't happen that the leg of step type pile drilling rig falls into earth due to difficult movement, so the construction efficiency may enhance 2-3 times;
● The leader verticality can be adjusted by backstay cylinder and leader cylinder; Three-point support and two-direction adjustment of leader optimize borehole verticality compared to suspended pile driving rig;
● Fault rate and maintenance cost of electrical motor is much lower than hydraulic drive system;
● Advanced CFG construction management monitor system and whole machine stability monitor system greatly improve construction efficiency and safety;
● Simple functions of crane are achieved by bottom leader; some professional crane operations are performed by the replacement of special crane boom;
● The cab is equipped with anti-overturn, falling object protective, air -conditioner and cozy adjustable chair; high-level seal; good sound insulation; wild visual field;
● A variety of construction methods can be realized by modular combination, such as SMW、CFG、CFA、DRA、PRD;
● It is driven by electric motor, low noise, no exhaust emission and eco-friendly; suitable for unban construction;
● Rotatable leader within 90° to realize two or three construction methods in one base machine;
● Different length of combined leader with 90° rail is optional to satisfy different construction methods;
● Multi-purpose lifting platform is convenient for rotary drive maintenance and drilling pipe assembly. It works with 90° rail leader;
● Overload alarming of main winch pull, torque display alarming and rig inclination prevention are available.

Total weight 111t
Overall dimensions in transportation 11540×3450×3300 mm
Grounding pressure 0.108 MPa
Counterweight composition 3.3t×7
Leader inclination Forward 10°;backward 15°
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