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DAGANG DGL5315GLQ32 Conveying machinery

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DAGANG DGL5315GLQ32 Conveying machinery

DAGANG DGL5315GLQ32 Conveying machinery

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Rectangular/Oval cross-section asphalt tank with rock wool insulation layer, low center of gravity and large load.
Multifunctional pumping system, can meet various requirements of asphalt storage and carrying:
a)     Fill asphalt by own pump;
b)     Fill asphalt by outside pump through its manhole on the top of tank
c)     Discharge asphalt by self-flow when storage tank lower than its tank;
d)     Discharge asphalt by own pump when storage tank higher than its tank;
e)     Circulating asphalt in tank when heating up asphalt;
 Asphalt pump and hot-transfer-oil pump are driven hydraulically with reliable transmission and convenient operation.
Asphalt tank is equipped with heat-transfer-oil heating system, which introduces Italy BALTUR auto-ignite Burner.
Asphalt tank equipped with ball-float type tank gauge and warning system.
Model DGL5315GLQ32
Chassis Model SX3315JR456
Asphalt tanker volumem3 32
Total masst 31
Asphalt pump displacement(t/h) 50
Heat capacity of diesel burner kcal/h 18×104
Average temp drop(℃/h 1
Overall dimension (L×W×H)mm 12000×2500×3600
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