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Sunward SWLSeries-SWL3220 Skid Steer Loader

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Sunward SWLSeries-SWL3220 Skid Steer Loader

Sunward SWLSeries-SWL3220 Skid Steer Loader

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Innovative One-piece  mainframe
Hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank and chassis was designed as an integral structure that made the machine more compact and durable.
  ·Closed circuit hydraulic system
Traveling hydraulic system adopts closed loop circuit with features of compact structure, good maneuverability and less heat  generation.
  ·Strong power system
World famous engine generates enough power for all jobs.


·Bigger lifting height
Optimum design makes the SWL able to reach bigger lifting height in its class.


·Auto-leveling system
When the boom is lifting, the bucket automatically keeps levelling.
  ·Safe working condition for operator
The cab gets lots of space and good view. All instruments and operating buttons are within the reach of the operator.It is in line with ROPS/FOPS regulation. Ergonomically designed armrest  prevents the operator from falling off the chair accidentally.
  ·Easy operation
Operators may enjoy the Proportional controlled pilot joystick by getting familiar with the machine quickly with less fatigue.
  ·Standard quick coupler
Internationally universal quick coupler fits various attachments  in the world.
  ·Double Accelerograph-control
Accelerograph can be controlled by hand or foot.
The machine works with a wide range of attachments, including that of high flow system.
  ·Convenient Maintenance
All daily maintenance can be completed when open the rear cover.The cabin can be turned forward in large-angle.
Main Parameters
Dimensions:L x W x H 3590 x 1830 x 2100 (mm)
Total Weight 3250kg
Load capacity 950kg
Tipping load 1900kg
Bucket breakout force lift 2480kg
Boom breakout force lift 2430kg
Max. speed 12.6km/h
Engine model KUBOTA V3307-DI-TE3B
Engine rated power 55.4kw / 2600rpm
Max. engine torque 265N.m / 1500rpm
Type Hydrostatic closed circuit
Main pump 2 x Variable displacement piston pump
Motor Two radial piston quantitative motor
Hydraulic System
Type Throttle system
Pump Gear Pump
Max. pressure 210bar
Max. flow 83.2+41.6 L/min
Control valve Three joint multi-way valve
Control mode ISO model of pilot control
Electrical Systems
Starter Motor 12V / 3.0kw
Alternator 12V / 80A
Battery 100Ah
Service Refill Capacities
Hydraulic oil tank 65L
Fuel tank 85L
Sprocket fuel tank 30L
Engine oil 13.2L
Engine coolant 8.5L
Running configuration: Tires size 12-16.5
Optional Configuration closed cab, heater, air conditioning,
Optional Aids(1) All kinds of buckets, four are bucket, hammer, screw drills, fork, cleaning devices,
Optional Aids(2) earth-moving shovel, clip Mucha, clamp bucket, digging devices, milling devices
Working parameters
A. Max. operating altitude 4020mm
B. Height to bucket hinge pin 3123mm
C. Height to top of cab 2100mm
D. Height to bottom of level bucket 2950mm
E. Overall length without attachment 2750mm
F. Overall length with standard bucket 3590mm
G. Max. height of the unloaded angle 43°
H. Dumping height 2395mm
J. Dumping reach 625mm
K. Bucket on the ground of the flip angle 30°
L. Bucket at the highest flip angle 93°
M. Wheelbase 1116mm
P. Ground clearance 205mm
Q. Angle of departure 27°
R. Without the attachments before turning radius 1300mm
S. Before turning radius 2180mm
T. After the turning radius 1700mm
U. Tail length(rear axle to bumper) 1062mm
V. Two tires centre distance 1475mm
W. Bucket width 1830mm
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