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Liugong 766 Backhoe Loader

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Liugong 766 Backhoe Loader

Liugong 766 Backhoe Loader

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• Both the hydraulic oil and fuel tank are located outside the frame Filling oil and testing the level are very convenient.
• The engine and the hydraulic system’s radiators are located in the front of the machine,for easier service and maintence.
Performance Specifications


Dig depth 4330mm  
Bucket capacity 0.21m3  
Reach from swing pivot 5350mm  
Transport length 7118mm  
Turning angle of bucket 201°  
Dipper (stick) digging force, end, standard stick 29.3KN  
Bucket digging force 54.3KN  
Dipper stick lift @ 8' height 44.8KN  
Loading height 3500mm  
Loading reach 2010mm  

4 in 1 bucket capacity 1m3  
Bucket width 2260mm  
Dump height @max angle 2670mm  
Dump reach 723mm  
Dump angle 45°  
Dig depth 103mm  
Lift capacity @ full height 28KN  
Boom lift capacity, end, @ ground 42.6KN  
Loader bucket breakout force 53.8KN  
Digging force bucket cylinder 53KN  

Rated Power 70kw  
Net power 63kw@2200rpm  
Engine model Weichai Deutz TD226B-4 engine  
Displacement 4.18L  
Net pear torque rise @1500rpm 379.2N.m  
Tier rating EPA Tier I & Euro Stage I  

Drive train
Forward 1st 5.9km/h  
Forward 2nd 10.7km/h  
Forward 3rd 20.5km/h  
Forward 4th 36km/h  
Reverse 1st 5.9km/h  
Reverse 2nd 10.7km/h  
Reverse 3rd 20.5km/h  
Reverse 4th 36km/h  
Max travel angle 20°  
Tipping load 71.7kN  
Turning radius outside front tire ≤4400mm  
Turning radius outside bucket ≤5554mm  

Hydraulic system
Circuit type Open center  
Pump capacity 131 L/min  
System pressure 24Mpa  
Pump type Tandem gear pump  
Steering type Priority valve  

Brake system
Service brake power assisted, hydraulic wet disc, mounted inboard ,self-adjusting and self-equalizing;  
Parking brake mechanically applied through an adjustable hand lever located on the right console.  

Operating Weight 8000kg  
Cab,ROPS/FOPS 552kg  

Service Refills
Cooling system 15 L  
Fuel tank 155L  
Engine oil w/filter 10L  
Rear axle 17.5L  
Front axle 9.1L  
Transmission system 16L  
Hydraulic system 170L  
Hydraulic tank 130L

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