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Zoomlion ZD220-3 Bulldozer

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Zoomlion ZD220-3 Bulldozer

Zoomlion ZD220-3 Bulldozer

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1. According to the design philosophy of man-machine engineering, in the control mechanism, steering control pull rod and throttle control are put at the left side of drivers, which improves their operation comfort.
2. All the control mechanism uses flexible shaft coupling, which is convenient for repair and adjustment.
3. The interior decoration uses advanced injection interior decoration materials, which is elegant in appearance and makes the operation environment more comfortable.
4. New chair seat in the driving cab is elegant in appearance and convenient to be adjusted forward and back, up and down and can satisfy demands of different drivers to reduce their tiredness.
5. Use injection instrumental box and electrical, instrumental and air conditioning systems are put forward, which is elegant and harmonious.
6. The appearance molding design of the complete machine is beautiful and elegant; well sealing hexahedron driving cab helps drives to have broader visual field and provides good working environment for them.
7. Forward headlights use embedded structure.
8. Guiding wheel, bearing wheel and carrying wheel all use floating oil seal and there is bimetal sleeve with good wear resistance and reliability in guiding wheel and bearing wheel, which greatly extend the service lifetime .
9. Steering clutch uses wet multiple discs friction plate, and is tighten by pressured springs and often joints with hydraulic separated clutch.
10. According to needs of users, choose Weifang WD615T1-3A or Chongqing Comings Engines.
11. Inlayed gear block chain wheel structure is convenient for repair; the sealing inside and outside chain wheel uses floating oil seal, which has high reliability and long service lifetime.

1.Structural weight (kg):
16740 (Straight spade, without anti-vibration shelf and agitator)
17662 (Straight spade, with anti-vibration shelf, without agitator)
18905 (Angel spade, with anti-vibration shelf and agitator)
2. Performance dimension:
1) Minimum radius of gyration (m): 3.1
2) Gradeability : 300
3) Stability (front-back-left-right) 350
4Speed(km/h): forward reverse
Speed I 0~3.8 0~4.9
Speed II 0~6.6 0~8.5
Speed III 0~10.6 0~13.6
5) Total length × width × depth: 5025×3416×2783 (to the top of exhaust pipe without tooth depth 65)
5025×3416×3025 (to the top of driving cab without tooth depth 65)
6256×3416×3210 (to the top of anti-vibration shelf with tooth depth 65)
6) Crawler centre distance (mm) : 1880
7) Width of track shoe (mm) : 510
8) Grounding length (mm) : 2430
9) Grounding pressure (kPa) : 65.8
10) Minimum ground clearance (mm) : 400
11) Max. drawbar pull (kN) : 150
12) Max. working efficiency (40m load distance) (m3/h) 145
3. Power transmission :
1) Engine:
Number of cylinders- bore × stroke: 6-126×130
Power [kw (ps) r/min]: 120 (163) /1850
Max. torque [N.m/r/min]: 768/1100~1200
Rated condition specific fuel consuming rate [g/kw.h]:≤225
Minimum fuel consuming rate [g/kw.h]: 215
2) Hydrodynamic torque converter: single-stage, single-phase, three-element
3) Power shift gear box:
Epicyclic gearing,manual hydraulic gear shift, forced lubrication
Three forward gears and three reverse gears
4) Central transmission:spiral taper gear, splash lubrication
5) Final transmission: double reduction with spur gear
4. walking part:
1) Riding wheel (one side×2) : 2×2
2) Bearing wheel (one side×2) : 6×2
3) Crawler: composite type, single tooth, tooth depth 65mm, the width of track shoe 510mm
5. Working hydraulic system
1) Oil pump: gear type, output 250L/min (1850r/min)
2) Control valve: duplex
3) Cylinder: double acting piston type
4) Hydraulic tank: control valve built in type
6. Working device
1) Supporting methods: inclined support with inclined cylinder in the left side
2) Main parameters:
Direct inclined spade.71 (wet land.71) U spade.73 spade for environmental sanitation .75 (we land. 75) angle spade. 70
The width of mould board (mm) 3416 (4150) 3477 3416 (4150) 3970
The depth of mould board (mm) 150 (1005.5) 1140 1650 (1555.5) 1032
The weight of working device (kg) 2400 (2290) 2825 2516 (2404) 2163
Shovel blade capacity (m3) 4.5 (4.2) 5.0 9.0 (9.7) 4.2
Cutting blade angel of the mould board 550
Max. lifting ground (mm) 1095 (1125) 1095 1095 (1125) 1110
Max. digging depth (mm) 545 (450) 545 545 (450) 530
Max. amount of inclination(mm): 860 860 860 400 ( each 250 for forwards and backwards)
Ripper: Max. digging depth (mm) 572
Max. lifting height (mm) 700
weight (kg) 1633 (78A为1480)
Overall dimensions of rigger: length × breadth × height (mm): 1692×2085×1280

Crawler Automatic Tensioning Device

1、Selective central manometry device, central lubrication device and crawler automatic tensioning device provide great convenience for daily operating maintenance.

Convenient Daily Operating Maintenance

1、Selective central manometry device, central lubrication device and crawler automatic tensioning device provide great convenience for daily operating maintenance.


1、Specific fuel rate of the third generation Comings engine reduces 10-20g/kw.h with better economic efficiency and the exhaust emission reaches the emission standard of European II.

Working Hydraulic System
1、Working hydraulic system uses pilot control valve and flexible shaft coupling, labor-saving control and stability.
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