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Zoomlion ZY65C Loader

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Zoomlion ZY65C Loader

Zoomlion ZY65C Loader

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1. The torque converter is single-stage, single-phase and three-element torque converter with reasonable structure, advanced performance.
2. Gear box which has three forward gears and three reverse gears adopts epicyclic gearing, clutch gear shift, and hydraulic control which are portable and reliable.
3. Steering mechanism adopts wet multiple discs clutch, copper based powder metallurgy friction plate, hydraulic steering and braking which can be combined in one control . That is to say, foot treadle can leave steering clutch first and then continue to step on it to brake, which is convenient and reliable.
4. Final transmission adopts secondary spur gear transmission; chain wheel uses inlayed gear block which is convenient for assembling and disassembling. Sealing device inside and outside chain wheel uses floating oil seal which has a long lifetime and high reliability.
5. Guiding wheel, bearing wheel and riding wheel of the walking mechanism use floating oil seal and there is bimetal sleeve with good wear resistance and reliability in guiding wheel and bearing wheel.
6. Tensioning crawler uses oil pressure to be adjusted which is convenient and reliable. Between crawler belt and crawler pin is equipped with dustproof oil seal which greatly extend the service lifetime.
7. Working device is eight-bar-linkage mechanism which is flexible and reliable. Bucket tooth uses low alloy steel casting which has high rigidity, high impact toughness and is convenient for changing. Shaft sleeve uses plastics-bronze-steel back compound non grease mark lubricating materials with well wear resistance and reliability.

Engine: Chong Qing Comings NT855-C280
Rated power: 183kW
Maximum bucket capacity: 2.6m³
Maximum Carrying Capacity: 6.5t
Entire Machine Length x Width x Height: 6332×2936×3468mm

High temperature resistant oil cylinder hose

1、Use high wear resistant oil cylinder wheel tube with the addition of steel wire protection net with well wear resistance and heat shielding.

guiding wheel, bearing wheel and riding wheel

1、Guiding wheel, bearing wheel and riding wheel all use floating oil seal; Type “O”sealing ring uses high temperature resistant special rubber material with high reliability.
2、Bearing wheel uses advanced jet hardening heat treatment which improves the thickness of wear resistant layer and has super wear resistance and extends operation life time.

Air intake system

1、The air intake system after being improved improves air intake quality of engines, reduces early wearing and extends the operation time of engines.

Protection net at both sides of the engine

1、Protection net at both sides of the engine can prevent steel liquid or steel slags being absorbed into the engine effectively.

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